The importance of collaboration

The number of partnerships is rising. Organisations need to work together in order to solve modern-day complex issues. It is topical and we see it across all sectors: it is practically mandatory for care organisations, in the public order and safety domains collaboration is the success factor, in spatial planning, in public-private partnerships, among municipalities, in the construction industry and infrastructural projects, the theme of collaboration is recurrent throughout. With partnerships, networks, strategic alliances, shared service centres and sourcing strategies, the affiliation to and dependence on other organisations is rising.

The number of partnerships is growing, but that does not mean that the collaboration always progresses well. Research shows that approximately half of the number of alliances are successful. Hence professional collaboration is of vital importance, both socially and commercially. It is the ambition of Common Eye that the collaboration promise is fulfilled more often. We provide assistance, advice and guidance and organise joint learning and training courses so that people and organisations make more informed choices and build their partnerships with increased purpose. This is all centred around four key themes.

What are we doing