Common Eye: a team of collaborators

We are a collective of collaborators with more than 50 years of consultancy experience in the field of collaboration. We need each other as our shared ambition goes beyond the individual execution of assignments. We want to be a professional catalyst for the collaboration processes in which our clients are involved. And we develop new knowledge and insights, both together and with others. This requires us to unite different perspectives, different experiences and different operational methods. We have established an equilibrium within that and are convinced that our advice and the effectiveness of our clients benefit from it.

In your collaboration with Common Eye, you do not just work with us as individuals, you take advantage of our shared knowledge and expertise at the same time. We do not just want to discuss what we already know, but make some real progress in ‘collaboration science’. Raise it to an altogether higher level. It is our ambition to better understand ‘collaboration’ and to be better at it, for and with our clients. We draw inspiration from our diversity and work from a common vision, our ‘common eye’ towards collaboration.

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