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In this one-day training program managers and (content) experts involved in partnerships and alliances will learn about the key drivers for successful collaboration. By offering you a theoretical framework, practical tools and introductions to other case studies you are able to boost both your confidence and skills to help lead your partnership forward.

Leadership in Collaboration

It’s without a doubt one of the biggest shift in business: (cross-sectoral) collaboration with partners in order to create (societal) value. At the same time, we often lack theoretical background and tools to shape and manage collaborations, alliances and partnerships. How do you build trust between partners in an alliance? How do you deal with the so-called ‘split- loyalty’ between the alliance on the one hand and the interests of your own organisation on the other? Which steps do you need to take to create a successful alliance? What is the difference between a partnership and an alliance? These are examples of questions addressed in the training.

Content of the training

The training is a one-day course. Together with other participants you will learn from experts and each other. You will be offered an ambitious programme during which:

  • We will share the theoretical framework to better understand alliances & partnerships, including drivers for collaboration and the lifecycle of partnerships and alliance.
  • You will practice with the diagnosis of one of your partnerships or alliances.
  • Together we will dive into your case to explore useful interventions and tools to help you move forward.

In addition to the focus on your specific case study, you will have the opportunity to briefly and informally discuss with peers the collaboration ambitions and challenges you, your team and your organisation may have.

For whom?

Are you involved in collaborations, partnerships and alliances? Do you feel the (shared!) responsibility for the process and/or outcome of the partnership? Do you have a role as manager or (content) expert in partnerships and alliances and do you often question yourself whether you should intervene or not? Is it your ambition to better understand ‘what’s going on’ in order to act accordingly? Then this training is right for you.

We advise a maximum of two participations from the same organisation in order to boost cross-organisational learning. Are you interested in the training for 3+ persons from your organisation or partnership? Then an in-house training might be more interesting. It will be tailored to your specific learning needs as direct peers.

Goals & deliverables

At the end of this one-day training you will be able to read inter-organisational collaboration processes, based on a thorough framework. This will help you to:

  • Be more confident knowing ‘what’s going on’ when collaboration goes particularly well or when you experience struggles, being able to diagnose the collaboration.
  • Be familiar with tools and interventions boosting your ability to act and lead, and to foster shared responsibility.
  • Have direct insight into your case, being able to decide on your next step to help move the partnership forward.
  • Have knowledge and materials to share with direct peers within your organisation or partnership.

In order to get the most out of our time together, you will receive information about the theoretical framework prior to the training day. You will also receive a brief questionnaire to help you prepare your case.


Two Common Eye consultants will provide the training. Nikki Willems has a lot of experience in collaboration in complex societal issues. She is author of the book: Organiseren in en met netwerken (Organise in and with organisational networks). Ruben van Wendel de Joode is co-founder of Common Eye. He has much experience with collaborative processes in non-governmental organisations.

In the afternoon we have asked Marijke Priester from Rutgers to participate in the training and bring in her knowledge and experience with partnership dynamics between NGO’s. Marijke has managed multiple international partnerships.

Practical details

  • Date: 20 November 2019
  • Venue: location in Utrecht, perfectly accessible with public transport
  • Time: 9:30 until 17:00
  • Language: English or Dutch, depending on participants
  • Costs: € 499 (excl. VAT), including all training materials, lunch, snacks and drinks.

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Ruben van Wendel de Joode

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