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A team of experts

tibor van bekkum

Tibor van Bekkum

“When the tension rises, it’s even more important to speak out honestly.”

Freek van Berkel

Freek van Berkel

In his work as a consultant, Freek recharges his batteries by quickly and carefully identifying complex issues.

Hannah Boven Common Eye

Hannah Boven

Hannah enjoys making the connection between ambition and realization.


Robin Bremekamp

Robin is always on the lookout for opportunities to turn a proposed collaboration into a real success.

Ilse de Bruijn Common Eye

Ilse de Bruijn

“My strength is creating a safe setting. All relevant issues should be discussed.”


Manon de Caluwé

“Working together is the way to deal with today’s issues. It really is of great social importance.”

Sabya van Elswijk Common Eye

Sabya van Elswijk

Sabya loves to work together on new and creative solutions.

Carolien Fledderus Common Eye

Carolien Fledderus

Carolien is a bridge-builder collaborations. She has extensive experience in healthcare.

Barbara Geurtsen Common Eye toezicht netwerken

Barbara Geurtsen

Barbara has an intrinsic motivation to contribute to effective collaborations.


Reinanke Haagsma

With a head for social issues, Reinanke enjoys working on meaningful ambitions.

Ben Hammer

Ben Hammer

“A society cannot exist without colaboration.”

Matthijs Hemink Common Eye

Matthijs Hemink

Matthijs gets energy from synergy and connection between people.

Twan Hendriksen Common Eye secretaresse

Twan Hendriksen

Twan loves to talk to people by phone. She likes the interaction

Tijs Heunks

Tijs Heunks

“With collaboration, it’s often about challenging people to look at the familiar in a new way.”

Edwin Kaats Common Eye

Edwin Kaats

The importance of effective collaboration fascinates Edwin. He likes to analyse and understand complex issues around collaboration.


Esther Klaster

Esther advises, guides and researches partnerships and networks in education, healthcare and welfare.

Linda Klont

Linda Klont

“I have my own unorthodox way.”

Monique Krol Common Eye

Monique Krol

“With the advisors, I look for interesting content so that our story becomes your story.”

Niels Koperberg Common Eye

Niels Koperberg

“The question is not whether there will be hassle in the collaboration, but rather how to deal with it.”

Susan van de Laak Common Eye

Susan van de Laak

Sometimes you have to let go of your autonomy in a collaboration. Susan likes it to support this.

Wilfrid Opheij Common Eye

Wilfrid Opheij

“In this time of polarisation and a hardening of attitudes, cooperation and connection are certainly of vital importance.”

marije rus

Marije Rus

In short, Marije ensures that the gears turn smoothly so that the advisors can provide optimal focus on the consultancy profession.

Johanneke Schilthuis

Johanneke Schilthuis

Johanneke finds it worthwhile to help healthcare organisations make choices and realise new collaborations.

Joost Smit Common Eye

Joost Smit

Joost is always looking for what it brings, in the broadest sense.

Sophie Hoogeboom - Common Eye

Sophie van der Spek

“A collaboration often goes step by step, I like to be an accelerator”.

Janneke Steijns

Janneke Steijns

Janneke’s passion lies in collaborating on optimal care for the most vulnerable people in our country.

Betsie Strengers

Betsie Strengers

“As a secretary, I’m often the first point of contact for day-to-day business.”

Jolijn Uittenbogaard Common Eye interview

Jolijn Uittenbogaard

“I think it is special to be able to contribute to facilitating a different look at a collaboration.”

Rik Weeting van Common Eye

Rik Weeting

With his experience as a process director, teacher and training actor, Rik Weeting brings a new dynamic to the team.

Ruben van Wendel de Joode

Ruben van Wendel de Joode

Ruben is analytical, constructively critical, flexible, creative and prefers to work in close collaboration with his clients.

Nikki Willems

Nikki Willems

The best thing about her work is that Nikki can contribute to complex social issues across different disciplines.


Our partners

Our focus is, of course, on collaboration. Collaboration between organisations encompasses many perspectives: strategic, business, socio-psychological, legal, managerial. Many different disciplines…