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The total number of partnerships is increasing. Complex issues can only be solved together and we see this reflected across all sectors. In those listed below, partnerships are the key to success. What’s going on in these markets and what are the challenges involved?



The Dutch healthcare system is constantly evolving due to increasingly complex issues. Collaboration between healthcare and welfare organisations is important at a national level and a policy level, as well as at regional and local levels.



It’s impossible to imagine education without collaboration. In order to seize opportunities and meet the major challenges of our time, schools need both other schools and outside partners. Common Eye guides and advises educational institutions on collaboration, from primary school to university.

Regional and
local governments

and local governments

Social issues challenge local governments to join forces across the boundaries of their own organisation. Local government plays an increasingly important role in connecting parties and is the pivot point for numerous collaborations and networks. We help governments to work together with partners on local and regional tasks and to give substance to their own role and position within the collaboration.

Sustainable living


The physical space in which we live and work is more than just a physical space – it’s a reflection of who we are, how we deal with each other and how we relate to our environment.



Sport and collaboration. This seems like – and is – a natural combination. However, this doesn’t mean that collaboration always flourishes by itself in the world of sport and movement.

Social enterprise


In the case of social issues such as poverty, diversity and climate change, collaboration between governments, companies, social enterprises, residents and aid organisations is a prerequisite. There are many local and international alliances working on meaningful aspirations. We have also regularly carried out assignments in other sectors. In addition, many collaboration issues are cross-sectoral. Would you like to discuss your collaboration issue?