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We don’t hide our expertise. On this page, you can find our vision on collaboration in its various forms. Our Common Eye on collaboration provides a common framework for everyone working in partnerships. In addition, we regularly write and publish books, articles and white papers about our field of expertise and offer partners tools during assignments in the form of games, models and instruments.

A Common Eye on collaboration

How do you ensure a common view on collaboration? In other words: how do you ensure that a collaboration offers promise to those involved? We’re on a shared quest to create the right conditions for this. Common Eye has developed a consistent way of thinking that offers your organisation a foothold.


Common Eye keeps a close eye on developments and innovations in our field. We consider, analyse and interpret. Various configurations of the Common Eye team have written seven books on collaboration in alliances, networks and partnerships. These are all based on our own theory and are directly applicable in practice.

We publish in Holland Management Review, M&O, Public Administration, Management Executive and TIEM, among others. We also sometimes publish academically, such as our publication with John Bell, Professor of Alliance Strategy, in the International Journal of Strategic Business Alliances.

Practical tools and games

You don’t just have to talk about collaboration – you also have to make it visible and experience it. Only then do we gain insights that we can really work with. To help you experience collaboration, we make use of a wide range of practical tools and games that we have developed ourselves, often in collaboration with partners.